What We can do for you


  • No Calorie Counting
  • Easy make ahead recipes
  • Quick and easy meal plans
  • Our health coaches will design a  meal plan for you


  • At home or in the gym workouts (you choose)
  • Strength and cardio training
  • Just 30 minutes a day
  • Low impact workouts


  • Learn the Benefits of Water
  • Track Hydration levels through out your day
  • Feel energized
  • Our health coaches will teach you how to replace your sugary drinks with water


  • Heal and repair your body
  • Lower your risk of heart disease
  • Learn healthy sleeping habits
  • Our health coaches will show you how sleep is important to a healthy life

Work/Life balance

  • Learn how to reduce stress
  • Get in tune with your body
  • Meditation and calming techniques
  • Our health coaches will work with you to help you plan your time to foster your well being


Feel busy and out of control with your fitness? These 5 habits will change your life. Learn how to take back control and get in awesome shape.

You should know…

Breaking bad habits can take time and effort. After identifying what you’d like to change, create a plan for action and remind yourself of the benefits along the way. Over time, what was once a bad habit could turn into one of your best.


Your Fitmovez Coaches will be here every step of the way to offer encouragement, advise and insight into all aspects of the program.  We will share what we know with you including healthy recipes, snacks, activity as we take this journey together.

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